The 20th Century's famous multihull pioneer continues his story ...

Enjoy Part 2 of the Historic
Saga, Nautical Life-Journey Of
Multihull Designer Jim Brown

   "Embracing his role of “cockpit storyteller,” Jim Brown continues sharing how “multihulls happened to him” so we’ll have these tales for ourselves and future generations of multihullers"

   In this second volume ... the Brown family “swallows the anchor” in the American South and suffers reverse culture shock.  Sons Steven and Russell go on to build their own boats and sail to faraway places.  Wife Jo Anna expands her career helping children with learning difficulties.  Jim becomes a global “Johnny Appleseed” -- spreading his practical know-how knowledge of modern trimarans, catamarans and proas.  And the Browns enjoys some spectacular multihull crusing experiences to boot.

   Travel with Jim as he helps indigenous peoples in Africa, the Philippines and the Pacific Islands create modern workboats to try and solve their economic challenges.  Sail with him to exotic and beautiful locals … from Canada to Cuba.  And meet unforgettable (and sometimes downright incredible) sailors, adventurers, friends, indigenous peoples, various eklectic folks and assorted characters along the way.

   Truly remarkable tales from an amazing life among boats -- especially multihulls.  After finishing certain portions of this book you’ll probably find yourself saying, “Wow … you’re never gonna believe what I just read,” to anybody who will listen!

Africa Discovers the Benefits of Modern Multihulls

  • The Brown family's "seasteading" adventure comes to an end … Returning home to a "foreign land" ... landing in Virginia - p. 9-11
  • Family trouble thru culture shock ... adolescent boatbuilding as solace ... the boys' sailing escape - p. 12 - 16
  • Where have the client's gone? ... Challenge to make ends meet ... a new (old) home p.16-19
  • Backyard boatbuilding wanes ... yet multihull contagion spreads ... Dick Newick forever alters the world of sailing  p.19-22
  • New boats for poor fishermen (an idea emerges) ... developing the "Constant Camber" boatbuilding method ... "fishing boats in Africa ... Who me?"  p. 23-28
  • On mission for the World Bank ... Going fishing to help poor people ... from opulence to poverty  p. 29-34
  • Night-fishing among deadly fluke ... dragging native species ashore ... African ingenuity preserves the catch  p. 36-41
  • Amazing primitive boats ... resourcefulness of poor fisher folk ... boats ... corruptive lending thru a "new colonialism"  p. 43-47

Flirty Gals & Bloody Mess on a Constant Camber WorkSpace

  • Discovering boat challenges in Burundi ... World Bank money (for native fisheries) down the drain ...  gruesome metal barges versus ugly dugout canoes  p. 49-52
  • Beating Seagull motors like animals ... high-fives in slimy plastic bags ... native fisherman trying to outsmart corrupt government  p. 52-54
  • Talented (and terribly profane) multihuller in the jungle ... swearing in Swahili ... "Son of King" and paradise lost  p. 54-57
  • Making charcoal in a primary forest ... casting nets in sewage water ... Wrestling with boat problems over Scotch  p. 57-61
  • Terror from attacking hippos ... Constant Camber for poor fishermen? ... humble proposal for international investment  p. 62-65
  • Flirty gals in Washington ... getting into "deep [boatbuilding] yogurt" ... reliving true WWII fear in a World Bank Office  p. 65-67
  • Making plywood with power tools in Africa ... vacuum-laminating demos for boatbuilding ... fireball in the workshop  p. 67-69
  • Bloody mess on the workshop floor ...  First Brown CC Catamaran Sets Out ... "This canoe does not need an engine"  p. 70-72
  • Dark tales of uprising ... "I had to shoot my friends" ... their world came crashing down  p. 72-74

Scrimshaw Sailing Adventure in Canadian Waters

  • Sailing to Nova Scotia ... Scrimshaw & Our RDF (Radio Direction Finder) ... Navigating thru fog and rocks  p. 75-77
  • Close call with a Lobster skiff ... castle on the cliff ...  medieval-stage-setting of a lifetime  p. 78-79
  • Fairy-tale "king & queen" of an enchanted cove ... Captain Guy in the throne room  p. 79-81
  • A million nautical stories ... "Charmed evenings over food, drink and the affairs of court" ... sumptuous dining in a shack  p. 82-84
  • Captain Guy & Charlie get "beached" at sea ... caught in seagull "rain" ... sinking schooner at Humpback "Island"  p. 85-87
  • Stuck in whale blubber (amid feasting sharks) ... a pocket-knife, stinking bluck & desperate plight at sea ... bloody bird-hydrant quenches survival thirst  p. 88-89
  • Treasured gift from a dying salty sailor ... Scrimshaw thrills WoodenBoat Magazine crew ... heretical boatbuilding methods in Maine  p. 89-91
  • Reunion with friend Wolfie ... surviving 13-days at sea on an overturned trimaran ... broken centerboard and sea-crawl back home  p. 91-93

Visiting “Trimaran City” in the Philippines

  • Help Us in the Philippines ... 700,000 traditional outriggers ... prisoner in Karachi  p. 95-97 
  • Greasing palms in Manila ... arrival at "trimaran city" ... ancient forbearers of modern trimarans  p. 97-99
  • Desperate poverty amid nature's beauty ... killing fish with dynamite ... new way to replace old bancas (traditional outrigger fishing boats)  p. 100-102
  • One week Constant Camber trimaran ... Typhoid recovery with help from kind (but desperate) girls ... "My village is dying ... but with this boat ..."  p. 102-105
  • Ferdinand Marcos' copper mines ... government official steals the first boat ... Imelda Marcos ruins the project  p. 106-109

Outriggers on Aqua-Blue Waters in the South Pacific

  • Invitation from Save The Children to build boats in Tuvalu ... barter culture meets the 20th century ... understanding indigenous outrigger sailing canoes  p. 111-113
  • Streaking across a lagoon, in the most low-tech boat, at cat-like speed ... white sand, dreamy surf and beautiful fish ... sucking fish-head brains for dinner  p. 114-117
  • Ancient European vessels and new life ... old ways versus new tides of culture ... bailing boat over swimming shark  p. 118-120
  • Ceremonial arrival in Funafuti (Fiji) ... setting up shop with island boat builders ... island friends forever  p.121-123
  • Building a "300-coconut" outrigger ... loving small tortured plywood canoes ... chasing the rooster with a spear gun  p. 123-125
  • Coconut "libations" and vitamin C ... coral singing, hymns of angels against the sea  p. 125-127
  • Large, fast sailing proa brings rejection ... Planning a Constant Camber Catamaran ... streams of old canoes meet new epoxy  p.127-129
  • Loving the "500-nut Cat" ... Scrimshaw castaway among the islanders ... Son Steven stays behind  p. 130-132
  • Return to paradise meets reality ... grossly overloaded craft ... party boat for young people - and a bad break for Tuvalu  p. 132-134

Flying Proa Surfs Huge Wave

  • Call to sail from Bermuda ... son Russell's cutting-edge proa ... sailing without expensive high-tech gadgets  p. 135-136
  • Reminiscing about the Brown family's seasteading adventure ... what it means to have a boat amid possible world-chaos ... proa "cuts through wave crests without having to go thru them"  p.136-139
  • Amazing test of a proa's stability ... questions on how to sail a Pacific proa ... difficult to sail, extremely attractive type of multihull  p.140-142
  • What makes somebody attracted to proas? ... living in a boat, traveling among the Caribbean Islands -- at age 16 ... modern proa confirms its place as a serious seafaring machine  p. 142-145
  • Mr. Brown learns how to sail in a new way ... how to change directions in a proa ... control advantage of a single outrigger  p.145-147
  • On the lookout for rogue waves ... what to do if you see a "big one coming" in this boat ... caught by a "cascading growler"  p. 147-148
  • Surging a head, and being catapulted from a great height ... "never even seen, much less ever surfed, on a wave like that" ... breakneck speeds in flowing wave-slaloms  p.148-150
  • Flying proa meets a yacht at sea ... "we scared the devil out of him" ... narrow hulls and sipping gas  p.150-152
  • Listing to tunes in a "soundbox at sea" ... no need for seasick pills ... taking the 37-foot boat to anchor -- in a kayak  p.152-154

From the Tropical Mosquito Coast to Boatbuilding in Maine

  • Peace Corps calls for boat help on the Mosquito Coast ... familiar plights for native Indian peoples ... adventure in Honduras begins  p. 155-157
  • Riding native log boats in the jungle ... "biggest dugout I'd ever seen" ...   multihulls won't do the trick in this place  p. 160-161
  • Hatching a plan to take natives from Central America to Maine's WoodenBoat School ... arrival in boatbuilding heaven ... different boat construction goals for 15 apprentices  p. 162-164
  • Amazing native woodworkers in New England
    ... singing, dancing and an unparalleled cross-cultural experience ... learning by doing  p. 164-166
  • 70-hour weeks of boats and maritime exposure ... learning several solution for fixing boat problems ... adapting new boats for native use  p. 166-169
  • Traditional boatbuilding with hand tools ... mimicking modern tools with low-tech alternatives ... driving for fried chicken and helping lobstermen with their catch before a great cookout  p. 170-172
  • Maine folks embrace their Indian visitors ... WoodenBoat TV stars ... sailing aboard a Windjammer  p. 173-177
  • Making sails with inexpensive materials ... great banquet farewells ... boatbuilding harvest from seeds sown in Maine  p. 178-180

A New Way to Ride the Wind

  • Propitious meeting with kayakers  ... introduction to light stabilizing sailing systems ... wildly fun (but extremely dangerous) way to "squirt" out of the water in a kayak  p. 181-183
  • Birth of a "Kaimaran" ... cockpit seating and 2-hands-free armchair sailing ... little multihulls for everyone  p. 183-184
  • Polyethylene sailboats, not fiberglass ... Dick Newick designs a "sea kayak of sailing" ... summer fun with the "Sails Angels"  p. 184-185
  • Creating a new kayak-trimaran using models ... discovering how to create a "rotomolded" boat ... selling kayaks and canoes by the thousands  p. 187-189
  • Fighting an old "multihull bugaboo" ... playing "bumper boats" with new Windriders ... Adventure cruising in the Florida Keys  p. 189-190
  • Clamor for a larger Windrider model ... a true camp-cruiser ... coastal expeditions in the "big briny"  p.190-191
  • Reaching exotic beaches in Big Sur ... dangerous surf landings and surf launches in the Sea of Cortez ... Windrider adjustments in dangerous surf  p. 193-194
  • Big adventure in small trimarans ... enjoying hot springs in remote location ... sunset beaches backed up megaliths  p. 194-195
  • One more crack at the roaring tides under the Golden Gate ... Windrider trimaran surfing on the West Coast ... narrow escape from the swinging boom  p. 196-198
  • Fifty-mile sea passage to St Croix in a Windrider ... New Year's Party and clouded judgment ... big waves turtle the trimaran  p. 198-199
  • Clinging for life on a Windrider's keel ... boat pounding for hours against the rocks ... unsinkable and salvageable  p. 199-201

Sailing the Caribbean and Making Friends in Cuba

  • Bahamas departure in Scrimshaw ... return to Cuba after 40 years ... forbidding to "trade with the enemy"  p. 203-205
  • Navigating waters of American politics ... scenic architectural relics everywhere ... "Welcome to Cuba"  p. 204-207
  • Friendly locals everywhere ... dinghy riding ashore ... arrested for "fraternizing with foreigners"  p. 207-209
  • "When is the U.S. going to invade Cuba?" ... political "paranoia or fear-mongering?" ... peasants work Castro's tunnels  p. 210-213
  • Navigating gorgeous Cuban waters ... dining on lobster with peasants (without permission) ... putting new friends at risk for "counter-revolutionary activities"  p. 214-216
  • Reveling in natural wonders and waterfalls ... tumbling into deep, sparkling wine ... Pit Bull versus Crab on a fishing boat  p. 216-219
  • Visiting colonial sights in a trimaran-time-machine ... parked next to a floating brothel ... disillusionment from shakedowns  p. 220-223
  • Coast Guard challenge at Mexico ... island approach off Yucatan ... one month of sun and fun in Cancun  p. 224-226
  • Scrimshaw beckons for a new suitor ... worldview summary from a multihull storyteller ... new hope for a boat nut ... multihulls everywhere - including the America's Cup  p. 227-230

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A New Age Dawns for Multihulls in the 21st Century …
And You’ll See Why By Taking Part in Jim Brown’s
Sailing / Multihull Adventures of the 20th Century

   Jim Brown is easily one of the most celebrated figures in the 20th century's modern multihull movement.  And after reading this second volume of this memoir, you'll feel even more like you've come to know the man in the same way you know a personal friend.
   Many memoirs are meant to embellish the “life work” of the author, which often means playing loose with the truth about the past, being selective about what “facts” to include (and which ones to bury) and producing an endless amount of “positive spin” meant to always put the writer in a positive light.
   Not so with this memoir. 
   If anything, Jim Brown tries hard to separate facts from fiction, and offers a deeply personal account that includes notable mistakes (both career and personal) in the midst of many great moments throughout his life.  For this reason alone, his memoir is destined to forever endear him to its readers ... including you. 
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