Here is a quick & easy way to get an "insider's look" at preparing for that adventure-of-a-lifetime with your multihull in the Caribbean ...


     If you’d like an opportunity to sit back and get genuine information about how to go sailing in the Caribbean aboard a Multihull then this message is just for you…


    The Caribbean is one of the most “dreamed about,” sought-after destinations on the planet when it comes to cruising in general -- and multihull cruising in particular.

      Fun, excitement and adventure are all part of the Caribbean experience.  The allure of its turquoise-blue waters captivates our imagination.  And we hear its whisper … its unspoken promise … to carry us off to our own private “islands of freedom.”

     In some ways, cruising throughout the islands of the Caribbean in a multihull comes close to defining “the good life.”  That’s just how it is.

     But here's the thing …

     There are a vast amount of wonderful places to sail your multihull in the Caribbean.  But not every place is wonderful. 

     There are realities and situations you should to know about (and prepare for) before taking your multihull into the blue waters south of Florida.  And this can be a challenge.

     When it comes to providing genuine information about what it’s really like cruising in the Bahamas and Caribbean, many cruising magazines only reveal part of the picture. 


     It’s simple, really.  Most of these publications are constrained by their paid advertisers.  This means they stay away from certain topics and delve too deeply into others (even magazines that generally tend to be pretty accurate with information overall).

     Such print media tends to gloss over the genuine, day-to-day challenges of living “a multihull cruising life,” ... especially when it comes to being in the Caribbean. 

     In addition, there are a ton of posts in online forums about multihull cruising in the Caribbean area.  They cannot, however, all be trusted.  (As a matter of fact, many contributors in cruiser-forums use the anonymity of the Internet to spread mis-information just for the “fun” of it).

     In short, there’s a lot of baloney in cyberspace.

     So the questions becomes, “How can you get around this lack of good, solid information, which will equip you to prepare for the journey of a lifetime?

     The best way to get superior information (the real insider’s scoop) about doing anything … including going someplace … is to speak to someone who has “been there and done it.”

     Somebody with firsthand experience.

     This is especially true when it comes to living the cruising lifestyle … and it’s even truer when you’re talking about cruising to the Caribbean in a multihull.

A Trusted Resource for Guidance in
Your Pursuit of Insider Information

     Multihull sailor Mark Johnson and his wife Mariam are known to many in the cruising community around Florida and the Caribbean.  They cruised in their Searunner Trimaran DELPHYS for 16 years throughout the area (12 of which were as full-time liveaboards).

     There is hardly anyone better qualified to talk about a “multihull cruising life” … especially when it comes discussing the Bahamas and Caribbean.

     Mark and Mariam have sailed their multihull all around Florida’s Keys, the Dry Tortugas and the Bahamas.  They’ve traversed the East Coast of the US (including North Carolina’s sounds and rivers and tributaries feeding Chesapeake Bay), Western Florida’s coastline and have crossed the Gulf of Mexico 4 times. 

     But it was their trips down into both the Eastern Caribbean Islands and Central America’s shorelines along the Western Caribbean that will interest you.

     All told, the Johnsons sailed well over 20,000 miles, visited 20+ nations, visited 100s of islands and spent more than 2,000 nights on the hook while living the cruising life.

     After sharing a good portion of his story with me, I invited Mark to gather what he considered to be the most important (and helpful) information others could glean from his experiences.

     I wanted to record them for multihull cruisers planning to go to the Caribbean.

     Mark insisted, however, that such published information also include things most multihull cruisers never get from most guidebooks or magazines.  So that’s what we did.

     I interviewed Mark Johnson and bundled the MP3 audio recordings, plus 3 video photo-slideshows (5 hrs., 7 min., 32 sec. worth of content), on a CD entitled, “Multihull Cruising in the Caribbean.”

     And if you want to go to the Caribbean Sea aboard a mulithull then these audios are for you.  Who precisely would benefit from the information on these recordings?

  1. Anyone who wants to know what a cruising life in the Caribbean is really like
  2. A multihull cruiser/sailor (or somebody planning to be one) that seriously wants to take their boat down to the Bahamas, the Eastern Caribbean Islands or Western Caribbean shores (from Mexico down through Central America)
  3. Anybody planning to charter a multihull for vacation somewhere in the Caribbean

     Here is a sample of the information included within this audio / video digital slideshow package -- this media will help prepare and inspire you for the Caribbean journey that lies ahead of you …


  •  Seeking out those "not-to-be-missed" places and Activities ... for example, you can dive in the crystal-clear waters made famous in the James Bond film "Thunderball"

  • Want to hang out in "Margurita-ville”?  Or would an “Indiana Jones” atmosphere be more to your liking?  (You’ll hear about both on this CD)

  • Nature close-encounters of the 3rd kind (including dolphins, iguanas, pilot whales, tropical birds and jungle monkeys) … Plus, where to look for huge sea turtles

  • A taste of the good multihuller-cruiser lifestyle ... Meeting, dining & hanging out with other “yachties” from around the world

  • Why taking a vacation somewhere is FAR different than cruising to exotic places … What many cruisers do (including multihullers) for entertainment … Discovering places where locals go to have fun and eat-out

  • Idyllic mangrove anchorage in Puerto Rico that you'll want to “siesta” for awhile … Where wealthy Puerto Ricans (with boats) party on weekends ... what to expect if you plan to get in on the fun

  • Where to find an (in)famous island bar & grille on St Martin's Dutch side ... What a few drunk (or crazy) guys do for entertainment

  • One island's not-to-be-missed "race week" (see racing boats & mega yachts from around the world) … Golf anyone?  (This great coastal destination on the western side attracts some golfer-cruisers all winter long)

  • How to use the Dry Tortugas as a safe, secure launching point to the incredible beaches of Mexico

  • Waiting for you  -- old fortresses, photography in lush bird sanctuaries, incredible fishing spots, swimming & snorkeling in aqua-green reef pools)

  • Where are the clearest waters for spectacular diving?  Where are the waters better for catching your own dinner?


  • Why persistence pays off ... how frugal living can allow practically anyone to own a cruising multihull

  •  Why multihull cruisers see (and experience) things most tourists never will (most islands in the Bahamas, for example, are uninhabited, and therefore, offer very private anchorages)

  • Are you an affluent or budget sailor?  (Ideas and suggestions for both types of cruisers) … How to enjoy inland trips offering rich educational / cultural experiences (yet inexpensive)

  • If you’re cruising on a budget:  Finding the best locales for great dining experiences -- for less … Getting food at great prices in local markets (tips)

  • Is it possible to live a decent "cruising life" on social security and a small cruising kitty?  (Decide for yourself after hearing Jeff & Jose’s story)

  • What to expect when buying stuff in local marketplaces ... Vendor tricks to charge more money from you … Ideas for combining budget cruising with the occasional splurge

  • Make new cruising friends from around the globe (why cruising changes your worldview) … Reflections on "buddy boating" and attending "cruiser-gatherings" among other boaters in the area

  • The real deal about fishing, diving for lobsters (and eating well for less) … Little nooks and crannies where lobsters hang out underwater

  • Want to catch fresh fish for dinner nearly every night?  Locales where you'll be able to dive and spearfish (or throw out your fishing pole) to your heart's content


  • Best places to provision in the islands (or get help if you need it)  … Places to do your laundry throughout the region … Where to go and
    what to do in order to get boat parts (if necessary)
  • Becoming familiar with the "clearing in" process in the Bahamas ... tips on where to go in the Bahamas … The best side to enter (clear in) and leave St Martin … Certain situations that you may encounter when "checking in" at various ports of call (and what to do when they happen)

  • The 4 places to provision your boat in the Eastern Caribbean ... the very best place is before you head further south down the chain of islands … What provisions should you buy on the French side of St Martin ... and what to get on the Dutch side

  • Language barriers?  Yes and no.  Mark covers the most important aspects of getting around the basic communication challenges. … Why communication with those who don’t speak English are usually not that big of a deal in the Caribbean

  • How to light your boat at night (and what type to use) so you can always find your boat easily after sundown -- and keep other boats from hitting yours

  • Like the idea of anchoring in shallow, secluded, mostly private anchorages? Don't want to be “crowded out” by other boats?  Mark shares some great tips on what you can do …

  • Knowing about "port captains," "immigrations officers" and "customs officials" ... they can (and will be) important differences for each  … dealing with (the above)

  • Preventing dinghy theft (places where it's most prevalent) ... What steps to take in order to keep your dinghy secure … How to protect yourself from having small personal items stolen & other mischief (situations to avoid)

  • Recommendations for good Caribbean guide books and helpful services … Little tips and tricks for getting around (and getting along with) Islanders and Central American peoples


  • Subscription services for weather updates and daily "scuttlebutt" news (stay connected 
    to other cruisers in the area with the latest, up-to-date information)

  • Advantages of having a shoal-draft multihull in certain coastal areas (and how to take constant advantage of it capability to go into shallow waters) … What you need to know about anchorages in general

  • Why anchoring properly can be a BIG challenge in the Eastern Caribbean ... and how to make sure your multihull is anchored securely (look for these signs) … What type of sea bottom to NEVER trust when anchoring in the Eastern Caribbean islands

  • How to clearly see whether or not your boat is securely anchored without going into the water yourself ... you will definitely want to make one of these little tools for yourself (it's easy) … What type of anchor chains to use (and how long they should be)

  • Why you want to be aware of cruise ships anchoring nearby (anticipating this trouble may save your boat from being damaged) … Why you should know about certain moorings in the Caribbean when it comes to your multi-hulled vessel

  • Keeping your boat from damage -- from other sailors ... What some clueless cruisers will do to put both your boat and theirs at risk ... how to keep your boat safe and secure in most situations where other boats are around you

  • What are the different types of sailing conditions throughout the different regions of the Caribbean? ... How to prepare and safely navigate for the sea in these areas … Concerning navigation charts: what should always be assumed for safety’s sake

  • Sailing tips for the major currents / routes going to and from both the Eastern & Western Caribbean destinations … Plus, how to combine info from charts, buoys and soundings to make safe passages

  • How to safely navigate your multihull along coastal island waterways (for example, you want to avoiding dangerous crab pots -- as far as 9-10 miles out to sea – that are around certain Easter Caribbean islands)

  • The 2 different ways to make a southern passage to the Eastern Caribbean Islands ... advantages and disadvantages of each ... plus, 
    suggested resources for even more information

  • What type of sailing are you going to encounter around the Caribbean?  Better to be surprised when listening to Mark than be surprised when you're actually cruising

  • Different types of waves you must be prepared to navigate in ... When "extra" vigilance at the helm is recommended … Which way to do the winds and currents predominantly run in the Eastern Caribbean? (the answers may surprise you)

  • Where to go (and not go) during hurricane season ... locals will often know the "best" places to keep their boats … Options about where you can leave your vessel if you’re still in the Gulf of Mexico in late summer


  • Eastern Caribbean Islands vs Western Caribbean shores (Marguarita-ville or Indiana Jones?-- Mark explains the difference)

  • How Eastern Caribbean Islands compare with Florida's Keys … Why Mark refers to the Western Caribbean as, "The most wonderful shallow-draft boat wonderland in this hemisphere"

  • Why anchoring in the Dominican Republic can be risky (and dirty) business … Disgusting reason why you may have to clean your anchor chain a LOT in certain areas of the DR

  • What most islands and towns on both sides of the Caribbean do with their garbage (How it may affect your cruise  -- and what to do about it)

  • The 2 worst places for crime throughout the entire Caribbean (what to do if visiting either of these places) … How to avoid being taken advantage of by a few individuals who'd love to "pick your pocket" (both literally & figuratively)

  • Practical self-defense measures … What you better know before ever using lethal force against somebody threatening violence ... Deterrents other cruisers have used to successfully protect themselves from potential troublemakers

  • What cruisers sometimes do to help each other out if there have been recent reports of crime in the vicinity … Trinidad travel: what 
    type of land vehicle to avoid (and what transportation service to use)

  • Distinguishing between what you "should" be able to do and what you can "realistically" do when conducting business with island locals … Plus, true stories of wildlife, Islanders, native Indians, local fishermen and savvy sellers in local markets

  • What about noise-levels?  (for example, if you don't like listening to other people's loud radios in an anchorage then here's what you want to know)

  • Physical signs for “live” reefs (these are often exceptional areas for great diving and spear gun fishing for delicacies)

  • Dos and Don'ts when it comes to fishing and/or harvesting lobsters and shellfish … Easiest ways to avoid getting sick from Ciguatera (fish poisoning in tropical waters due to algae)

  • Shark encounters in the Caribbean (what you need to know) ... What creature is potentially much more aggressive than a shark -- especially when swimming back to your boat with a freshly-caught fish on your spear

  • Using local "staging areas" as bases for going to and from close by sightseeing locales … Suggestions for incredible inland excursions and once-in-a-lifetime personal adventures

  • How different indigenous populations view "cruisers" (why perceptions differ among the various locales you'll visit) … Why most Eastern Caribbean islanders welcome cruisers with open arms ... and others can be somewhat rude (on which islands too)

  • How to safely leave your boat in the Caribbean during hurricane season (great tip for temporarily putting things on hold so you can pick up your trip again a few months later in the Fall)

Here is what you get with both the CD and
digital-only versions of this audio/video series:

18 Audio MP3 Q & A discussions

     Mark comprehensively covers the information he prepared especially for this series. 

     He provides both general information and specific details that relate to all 3 areas covered -- the Bahamas, the Eastern Caribbean Islands and the Western Caribbean shores of Central America.

3 Video-Slideshows
One at the end of each of the 3 sections covered

     In these presentations, Mark shares some of his favorite photos and the story behind each one. 

     You’ll get to see some of the spectacular places he and Mariam went and the things they saw … including sightseeing areas, natural wonders, new cruising friends, tourist spots, and, of course – boats. 

     What is a Caribbean-Multihull cruising experience REALLY like?  This is your chance to hear first-hand … from an experienced multihuller who has been there ... several times in fact.

     Mark presents this information in the same way he would to a friend.  And that alone makes this resource even more valuable.

     If you absolutely want to go cruising throughout the Caribbean in a mulithull (or you’re seriously considering it) then this resource is made for you.  You won’t be disappointed.

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     If you dream of setting sail and heading towards the warm tropical waters … and exploring the lush islands of the Caribbean … then you’re going to love Mark’s stories and practical tips.

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